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Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises with Dermot Doyle

‘TRE®, Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises, are a simple set of exercises that trigger a natural tremor reflex in the body.

Shaking can release long-held tension patterns and promote new feelings of connection and ease.

Shaking is a novel stimulus to the central nervous system. New stimuli, approached with safety and curiosity, can support learning and growth.

The psychology of trauma is complex, the physiology is relatively simple. In trauma old parts of the brain are fixed in defence cascades of ‘fight-or-flight’ or ‘freeze’.

TRE® is a safe, natural process to re-boot overprotective reflexes.’

A little video on YouTube to help explain
Monday evening  18th October & 15th November at The Yoga Barn 7.00pm – 8.30 pm Price  €15 To reserve a mat please call:
Tim  087 984 1847 email   or
Dermot 087 983 3335  email

A Yoga studio called The Yoga Barn